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Moss Vale

The Vintage Toy Box specialises in unique, fun & funky vintage & retro inspired toys, games and gifts for children (and big kids!) of all ages.

We're bringing back family game night


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We're bringing back family game night

Saskia Sharp

Classic Family Games Night

Looking for something to do with the kids on a wet and rainy day during the school holidays, or perhaps you’re thinking of a family game for Christmas, or like us, are bringing back family games night. Come check out our awesome classic games - we have so many blasts from the past, and we’re sure to have something to keep the kids, and the adults amused and entertained!

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders is one of our most favourite games and perfect for school holiday fun. 
Can you reach the end first by climbing the ladders ... but watch out for the snakes! A timeless classic game for 2 - 6 people to enjoy!

The Magical Amazing Robot

This really is an Amazing Robot, a simple game that will have the family amazed at the robot that always gives the right answer. 

All you need to do is place the robot in the tray in the centre of the questions circle.  Turn the Amazing Robot to a question that you’d like him to answer, make sure his pointer is in the centre of the question that you would like to have answered then simply pull him from the circle by his head and place him on the magical mirror, and watch him spin to the correct answer. In addition to being amazing this game is also educational - encouraging children to learn as they play.


The aim of Family Bingo is to have the numbers on your card completely covered with white squares. The only way to achieve this is when the caller calls out all the numbers on your board. Once the number is called, search your card to see if you have it, then place a white square over the number. Don't forget to call out BINGO once all your numbers are covered up. The biggest Adrenalin rush! 

Kitty Wampas

Check out our cute Kitty Wampas game! The idea of this game is to cover the white circles in your corner with your coloured pieces. To make this happen you must spin Kitty until its paw comes to a stop on one of the colours. If it is your colour that it lands on, you can move your coloured disk to cover a white circle. If it’s not your colour then it is the next persons turn. The first player to have their circles covered by the coloured playing discs is the winner. This game is great for little children as it helps with colour recognition. 

Old Maid

Old Maid is an all time classic! After dealing the cards between all the players, if a player has two of the same card they need to take it out of their hand and place them aside. Make sure you hold your cards up and out of sight from the other players. A player then offers their cards to the next person who takes one card, if it is the same as another in the hand then the pair needs to be put aside. You do not want to be stuck with Old Maid by the end of the game because then you are the loser!


Barnstormer is one of our games that requires more skill and practice to play and win. The aim is to propel your discs onto the board and aim for the little wooden cup in the centre of the board to get 25 points (the highest on the board!). Be careful not to land on the various hazards on the board that will have you deducting points! Once you shoot all your markers onto the board, add up all the points and the first person to 500 points is the champion. 


Chess is an all time classic. The objective of this popular game is to checkmate your opponent’s King. This means putting it into a position that it cannot escape from, by moving or taking an opponents piece. When starting the game, the white pieces always go first. Players then make their way around the board attempting to put the King in check. If your piece lands in a space that is occupied by your opponent then you can remove their piece from the board. This is a fun and challenging game for 2.


For this classic game each player has 12 draughts, all placed on black squares, 3 rows up the board. This game doesn’t have many rules, but what you will need to do is move your draughts forward and diagonal one space at a time, whilst capturing all of your opponents draughts. You capture your opponents draughts by jumping over them when they in front of you and there is a spare for you to jump to. Once you have collected all your opponents draughts, you win.

Simply, easy and fun!

Goose Race

Came of Goose is a simple but fun game that the whole family will enjoy. Before you begin to play, each player must put an equal amount of counters (round white discs) into the pool. Divide the rest of the counters between the players; you will need them during the game. Beware ... if you land on certain squares, there is a price to pay. For example, if you land on square number 6 then 5 counters are charged. 15 counters are charged if you land on square number 31. The first player to reach square number 63 wins the pool and the game!

Goose Race.jpg


Here we have a unique set of playing cards for the game Snap, each card has a picture of a famous nursery rhyme including Little bow peep, Little Miss Muffet, Old Mother Hubbard and Jack and Jill.

Snap is a great game for children of all ages. Start off by dealing all the cards out to all the players until there are none left - everybody keep your cards faced downwards. Then, without peaking flip your card upright as you put it on the stack of cards.

If your cards match the card directly underneath then race the other players to slap your hand down on the cards first and yell “SNAP” to win. Be careful not to get your hands squished by the other opponents! The winner is the player who has managed to collect all of the cards at the end of the game.


At the start of this game you place your coloured pieces in the start area, you need to roll a six to be able to move your piece out of the start and onto the board. Once your piece is out on the board you then roll the die and move your piece forward 1 - 6 spaces as indicated by the die. You can bring other pieces onto the board if you roll another 6. You need have all your pieces in the home square to win!

Whatever takes your fancy - we’ve got something for everyone - guaranteed fun for family game night or for some Christmas cheer.

All of these games and many more are available in store and on-line in our games section.