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Moss Vale

The Vintage Toy Box specialises in unique, fun & funky vintage & retro inspired toys, games and gifts for children (and big kids!) of all ages.

Trick or Treat?


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Trick or Treat?

Saskia Sharp

Our Alternative to the Traditional Halloween Treat

Halloween, one of the biggest nights of the year is near upon us, and we’ve already started to think what the family theme for this year will be with our scary costumes. 

We love trick or treating, as we love to dress up, but more importantly we love taking part in the biggest dress up day on the planet, and seeing all of the effort everyone else has gone to, to go all out spooky! 

On All Hallows’ Eve there will only be one question on everyone’s lips ... 

Trick or Treat?

With the war on sugar and preservatives gathering momentum, we take a look at some of our other great alternatives to the traditional trick, (and if you like a bit of magic just like us ... you’re also in for a treat!).  

For the biggest trickster in the room there’s our awesome 125 trick magic box, with everything you need for the next Houdini or re-enactment of the epic Now You See Me movie. 

The variety of magic tricks set has a whopping 125 incredible magic tricks to practice, and it also includes a DVD with step by step instructions to watch while you practice.

Tricks include: Magic Hat, cups and balls, the paddle tricks, coin magic, thimble tricks, rings and rope tricks, to name but a few!

So get your magic on this Halloween and remember never reveal your secrets!


Be the original prankster this Halloween with our Jokes In a Box set. Five awesome pranks that make it so very easy to catch out your friends and make them jump in surprise!

Includes the classic tricks of Fly & Spider, Goofy Teeth, Snake Eggs, Nail Through Finger and the timeless, Snappy Chewing Gum!


This Mind Reading Magic Tricks set from Robert Frederick is great way to entertain everyone and leave them spooked at how you can read their minds!

This box contains 20 different tricks that you can perfect, including the Mind Reading Blackboard, The Haunted Choice, ESP Card Tricks and the Wizards Deck.


Instant Illusions by Ridley’s Magic is a great collection of tricks to perform for your friends and family, leave them amazed by  tricks like the Magic Guillotine, X-ray Vision, Magic Rings and more!

Start your collection and master these tricks in time for Halloween and you will be able to treat your friends to some magical tricks!

The Magic Guillotine will have hearts racing as you perform this trick for your friends.

Simply get a brave friend to put their finger in the hole, then secretly put a pretzel stick (or similar) and into the whole in the bottom.

Push down on the top swiftly and watch as the guillotine magically misses their finger, but cuts thru the pretzel stick at the bottom! 


Your friend will be reeling from the bloody escape that they’ve just narrowly missed (and you both get to enjoy half a pretzel each!).


The Ridley’s Floating Match trick will mystify your mates.

This simple magic trick has only 2 steps to completion but will have everyone asking “how” forevermore.

Your friends and family will be baffled by this simple yet effective classic trick.



The Rope Cutter trick is an all time classic crowd pleaser that can be mastered easily by children (and adults!) of all ages.

Show people how you magically cut a rope in half and put it back together again, just follow the step by step instructions - easy and fun!

There are many variations of the classic cut and restore rope trick, but this one is one of our favourites. Never fails to amaze!

The Ridley’s Magic Handkerchief is a simple trick that can be performed by anyone with some practice.

In this little trick the handkerchief that is to disappear is seen up to the last moment. The requisites for the trick are very simple, yet trickily effective.

This is a very pretty and deceptive trick. Simply follow the instructions inside the box to perfect the tricks.

Have you ever wanted to have x-ray vision? Well now you can, With this little trick from the “Instant Illusions” collection.


Firstly, fold up the cardboard with the magic symbols into a cube,  then place it into the clear plastic cube. Now place the clear cube inside the bigger black cube (which also needs to be assembled), and put the lid on.

Now hand over the black box to the person you’re performing for and ask them to chose a picture.

If you follow the simple step by step instructions included in the box, you will never fail to always know which picture someone has picked! And they will never know how to perform this great trick.

Master the magic in minutes!  


Our Magic Linking Rings from Ridleys is a traditional Chinese Magic Ring trick that has been performed by magicians for hundreds of years.

There has been many variations made to this ring trick, which is thought o be a classic of illusion magic.

In the traditional effect, solid metal rings appear to link and unlink, pass through each other, and form chains and other complex patterns and configurations.

This trick needs a lot of practice to perfect but once you do, you’ll be able to trick anyone!

For something completely different, why not try our fantastic Scary Hands temporary tattoos from NPW. Transform your hands into scary hands and scare everyone in sight!

The tattoos are easy to put on with water, and fantastic for encouraging creative play. Create a horror scene, a Halloween scene, or even a monster party.  There's no limit to the imagination, and they’ll be guaranteed to scare!

Whatever you choose … trick or treat … we hope you have a spooky spectacular Halloween!