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Moss Vale

The Vintage Toy Box specialises in unique, fun & funky vintage & retro inspired toys, games and gifts for children (and big kids!) of all ages.

Cool toys from back in the day!


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Cool toys from back in the day!

Saskia Sharp

Here at the Vintage Toy Box, we think that one of the coolest things about our toys is the fact that as well as being fun and taking you back to your childhood, you can also share them with your own kids and grandkids and let them see how cool the toys were back in the day! Do you look back fondly at the times you spent playing with great toys as a child? If so, you will certainly be inspired to find similarly terrific toys and games for your own kids or grandkids.

Well just for fun, today we are looking at some of the fun toys we offer which would be awesome to introduce to a kid of today.

The first toy we want to talk about is the awesome Slip N Slide Water Slide Toy. Such a simple concept that provides hours and hours of fun on a hot summers day. Our version is based on the variety from the 60’s which is really cool. You will get a kick out of telling the kids and grandkids how this was a big deal back in the day. It is a lot of fun to watch the kids run and slide down this and if you are feeling brave enough, you can have a go yourself!

Next up we have something that is secretly super cool, cheap and will prove to be highly entertaining. The Magic Drawing Slate is the perfect example of an old school vintage style toy, which at first glance many kids will turn their noses up at. Let’s face it, compared to the iPhone; it is a hard sell. But our Magic Drawing Slate has a ton of retro charm and looks like it was transported right out of the 1960’s. All kids are hooked after they do their first drawing. It’s a magical travelling toy that just keeps on giving.

How can you not love the graphics on the box for this retro inspired Tiddly Winks? Now here is a game that even the grumpiest techno addicted kid will have an awesome time with. While the whole style is clearly inspired by games of the 60’s, Tiddly Winks is such a fun, competitive and skill based game that after a couple of turns any kid will be hooked. Not bad for a game that is over 200 years old.  

That is just a small sample of the great toys and games we have here at The Vintage Toy Box. Just about everyone can remember their favourite toys growing up. If you wish to pass that type of joy onto other children in your life, shopping with us will certainly help you on that journey. If you are looking for a toy or game that is not just going to be fun to play, but also lets you share something from your past with your kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, then you really can’t go wrong with something from The Vintage Toy Box.